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There is a time far, far into the future where all that has happened before is forgotten. A future where all people know of is a century's long war that raged even before the systems were colonized. Some believe that having the knowledge of how it began can bring it to an end, but changing the past has consequences that no one could have imagined.

Book One - Return to the Beginning

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The future can never escape from the past no more than situations can remain the same. Such too can be said of each and every person, but you and I are not always who we seem to be, even to ourselves let alone to a stranger. In some the secrets are even deeper, so deep that even they are unaware of their place or of the course that fate has laid out before them.

Book Two - Assimilation

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Necessity creates the most unlikely of partnerships. Hostility can become tolerance; distrust can become caution; competition can become cooperation: and sometimes a relationship becomes an enemy.

Book Three - Coming and Going

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We are all Players; centre stage in our own lives. Sometimes we receive praise; even adoration, other times we are the villain; mostly were are there but unseen. Through it all we must keep perspective, be true to ourselves and trust that the final curtain will bring applause.

CHECK......Book Four - Return to Pla

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We cannot choose our relatives; but accept who they are. We choose our friends, but often find they are not the people who we believed them to be. We work with our associates, but know little of their thoughts. We accept a superior’s choice, while preferring our own. Life is defined by choices that we make; every moment of every day, but of all our choices the wisest among us know that we choose our enemies very carefully.

Book Five - Corporate Expansion

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There comes a time when the last great war is almost forgotten: a time when people grow and make what they need for the simple lives they live. It is also a time of oppression; when overlords are suspicious of the people, for now is the time foretold. …in the end devastation will be faced. Men will weep. Women will perish. Families will be orphaned. Ruin will reign. Hope will be gone. Death will give forth life. Out of the sun good will face evil in the unwinnable, final battle. Evil will be ripped apart. Good will be cast into pieces. The prophecy will come to pass. 

Prophesy is a seperate story that more fully explores part of the Company Wars Chronical

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In all our lives there come times when we must face our past. Sometimes we fear what we may see; sometimes we welcomely revisit; but almost always the experience has changed. What were once happy memories are never quite as enjoyable: occasionally a bad experience can be understood, and its demons swept aside. Whatever of our emotions are stirred we are never the same; something either pleasurable or avoided has been taken from us.

Book Six - Time Space and Mysticism

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